Posted in: Dive Sites Wadi Gimal- Oct 30, 2010 13 Comments

This is a one way world class dive site. In the beginning of the dive you will find two huge light flooded lagoons. At a depth of ten meters you will come across the welcome committee of snappers and fusiliers directly under the zodiac in the first lagoon. After crossing a glass fish pool you will enter the second one which is even more spectacular than the first. The reef structure looks like a football stadium with the reef reaching all the way to the surface. Octopus, blennies, anemone fish, napoleons, milky fish and turtle are at the order of the day over here. Along the main reef you will pass a fire coral garden leading to the boat which is moored in the south. Under the boat you can often see a free swimming moray eel and a school of bat fish.

Diving Depth : 15 M
Trip Duration : 35 min

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