Posted in: Dive Sites Wadi Gimal- Oct 30, 2010 30 Comments

This is a very large dive site and we divide it into three main areas. The first part under the boat is a shallow sandy area with several small blocks leading to a plateau. On the plateau you will find a number of pillars coming up from a depth of around 12m to just under the surface. The shallow part of the pillars is very beautiful and rich of life. Often you can see moray eels and baby barracudas living in a glass fish community. The edge of the plateau is a ridge which drops to around 30m. Around 40m from the plateau is a huge hard coral garden in which there are a few sand patches and some huge anemones and anemone fish. Here you can often find a large school of doctor fish, napoleons and with a little bit of luck a turtle.
On your way back to the boat you should calculate that you have enough time to thoroughly explore the top area of the pillars were you can often find some crustaceans.

Diving Depth : 35 M
Trip Duration : 35 min

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