Gotha Ashelaniat

Posted in: Dive Sites Wadi Gimal- Oct 31, 2010 16 Comments

This reef is better left to discovery as its beauty is beyond words. This is a huge block which is fed by the current entirely save a small part in the south. This makes it so that the reef is full of coral growth both hard and soft, particularly a kind of very beautiful purple soft corals. Swarms of fusiliers. Mackerels and altheas are residents of the reef. There are three blocks to the west full of morays, lion fish, puffer fish and shrimps. At the same time the diver can use these blocks as protection from the current. From time to time you can meet an old friend of the guides in the area the crocodile fish. In the north there are a lot of small blocks with cleaning stations and many different species of cleaner shrimps waiting for customers.

Diving Depth : 17 M
Trip Duration : 35 min

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