Habili Hornkorab

Posted in: Dive Sites Wadi Gimal- Oct 30, 2010 13 Comments

By zodiac starting from Ras Hornkorab you drive 3minutes to the eastern Habili. Once in the water you will be surprised at all that’s happening alongside the reef. The main pillar which has 20m diameter and goes down to a depth of 22m is completely full of life. The pillar is completely surrounded by fish constantly being chased around by mackerels. Fusiliers and sergeant majors sometimes even tunas can be seen around the pillar. During the spring time you can go to a second block with an overhang were often you can see baby white tip reef sharks, a party of lion fish and a school of barracudas on the way. On your way up on the main pillar you can take all the time you want as there is so much to discover that the dive is only limited by your air consumption. The top of the pillar is at 5m depth ideal for the safety stop. This dive is subject to good weather conditions.

Diving Depth : 22 M
Trip Duration : 75 min

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