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Shams Hotels & Resorts President’s Club

Until recently we thought hotel loyalty programs were for Account Executives rolling their business travel points into a family vacation at a bland resort every year or two. However, funny thing happened when we started investigating these programs — we found some of them are downright useful if you know how to cut through the red tape. This series is meant as a jumping off point to full fledged discussions on each loyalty program we feature. The Shams Hotels & Resorts Hotels is a luxury chain and it stresses that point with its rewards program, called the Shams Hotels & Resorts President’s Club. Guess we want you to feel like a President every time you stay. However, the President’s Club works differently than other rewards programs. For starters, there is no point system. Membership is complimentary but you only get perks when you stay at Shams Hotels & Resorts and the more hotels you stay at the better your perks are. On the bright side, it only takes 10 stays or 30 nights to move you to Platinum status which Shams Hotels & Resorts says is “faster than all other hotel loyalty programs.”


Use your membership number any time you book, whether online, in person or over the phone.


Five separate stays or 10 nights make guests eligible for three room upgrades, two third nights free and one free night. After 20 nights, members get more perks. Example: If a hotel is sold out, members get access Shams Hotels & Resorts keeps on the side.


The separate check-in. The emphasis on service (upgrades, perks). The one- and two-digit simplicity, since it’s based on nights and stays instead of points. FINE PRINT: Read all the Terms and Conditions here. Remember, it’s an Egyptian company so different disclosure rules apply. Also, special promotions only apply to higher-level members.

An excellent hotel in Moorish style with very nice family-friendly staff. Very good food, nice sandy beach, beautiful house reefs for snorkeling and good opportunities for walking. We all felt very comfortable and we will come back!
Dennis F.

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