SHAMS means “SUN” in Arabic, we are proud to invite you to experience the warmth of the sun and of our hospitality. WE offer pristine beaches and a wide selection of activities ALL FOR A GREAT VALUE!


We offer as one of the first Dive Centers in the Red Sea a complete new underwater adventure called Ray Boarding.

The fist underwater Board Sport

The sight of a ray gliding by is not easily forgotten.
But the jealousy of the ray’s freedom has an end and water sport has its new attraction!
With the iQ-Ray-Board you can glide smoothly through the underwater world. Pulled by a boat on a rope, you only need to tilt the Ray-Board slightly to plunge under water. Soon you will learn to “fly” wide curves and to take advantage of the full mobility of the Ray-Board. Weightless you will make your turns, perfect your twists, refine your manoeuvres…
…and the fascinating new board sport will have you firm in its grip!
The Ray-Board was developed by Gordian Gasch and Arne Timm on the Balearic island of Mallorca. For two years the inventors have refined the aqua-dynamics and tested prototypes to finally reach maturity for mass-production.

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